? With energy prices on the rise, many Americans

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? With energy prices on the rise, many Americans have scaled back their driving habits and switched to more efficient cars. But the drive to become green doesn't end on the road. Indeed, this push must also extend into our homes and daily lives.

One of the best ways to bring green sensibilities from the garage to the living room is the addition of a dual fuel heat pump system to your home. A duel fuel heat pump system consists of a highly efficient gas furnace and an electric-powered heat pump. This system replaces a single-fuel system, such as a gas-only or electric-only heat pump system, with a gas-electric hybrid system that is more efficient and better for the environment.

The dual fuel system relies heavily on electricity, which powers roughly 85 percent of its heating and air conditioning functions. With pollution-generating natural gas used only 15 percent of the time, this results in a dramatic reduction of pollutants released into the atmosphere. Think of the gas furnace as more of a backup rather than the primary means of heating the home. Th environmental benefits of using natural gas as a backup, instead of the primary means of heating the home, are dramatic. And a dual fuel heat pump system isn't just green, it's cost-effective.

The system's heavy reliance on electricity for most of its operating duration will mean a significant reduction in natural gas bills. This is also a boon for the budget in that electricity is far cheaper to use than a comparable amount of natural gas. Further, the dual fuel heat pump system is modern and highly efficient, meaning it will draw less less electricity than its older all-electric predecessors High Efficiency Two-Sides Ceiling-Type Air Cooler while performing the same functions.

The system is also smart enough to use the most efficient form of heating or cooling based on the weather conditions. While frigid weather makes gas heat more effective, temperatures above freezing favor the use of the electric system. Consider than an all-electric or all-gas system is not efficient half of the time it is being used, and the benefits of this technology become very apparent.

Opting for the dual system, even despite its higher initial cost, will result in savings every single month of the year, on heating or cooling, and result in less negative effects on the already-delicate environment. And remember that this one-time investment in a dual system essentially replaces the burden of owning two separate gas and electric systems. This also increases the ease with which maintenance may be done; it centralizes any potential problems in case a heating or air conditioning repair problem arises.

The system can be installed by air conditioning contractors, with the compressor being placed outside the home for optimal peace and quiet inside. Your home will be more energy efficient, less costly to the environment, and easier on the wallet, as soon as you opt for this modern, hybrid system.

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